HSE designated nurse for the travelling community blanchardstown / finglas area

Address: riverside medical centre mulhuddart dublin 15

Contact Name: Marie Kirwan public health nurse

Email: marie.kirwan2@hse.ie

Phone: 01-6467864

Fax: 01-6467576

Web site: None

Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday 9am-5pm (I can be available friday)

Who can use the service?: official and unofficial campsites

travellers who are settling for the first two years of living in a community.

Cost: None


Informal referrals accepted: Yes

Formal referrals accepted: Yes

Referrals accepted from: maternity / acute hospitals. pave point. community health workers who are trained traveller women. public health nurses. general practitioners. personal referral is accepted

What Do We Do?

Centre Overview

primary care health centre

Key Aims & Objectives of Service

to improve the health of the travelling community .identify issues that effect health and by health promotion aim is to improve the lives of my clients.

Services Provided

I am notified by the maternity hospitals of new born babies. i visit each child. i carry out development checks through out their early ivies. if there is any deviation from the normal i refer to the appropriate services. i have a holistic approach .as a public health nurse my remit is health for all the family. i work with the community health workers from pave point. we do site visits together and the women help to give the health message to the clients in a traveller friendly way. i keep the chw up to date on changes in the health board and give talks on relevant health topics through out the year.

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