Sankalpa Addiction Services

Address: Unit 8, Glasnevin Business Centre, Ballyboggan Road, Dublin 11

Contact Name: Any of the staff


Phone: 01 830 2690 or 086 050 3771

Web site:

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm- we are closed for lunch between 1pm-2pm each day

Drop-in for people in active use is held on Tuesday afternoons 2.30pm-4pm
Drop-in for people who are drug free is held on Wednesday mornings 11.30am-12.30pm

Who can use the service?: Drug users
Turning Point – seeking support to stabilize on illicit or prescribed drugs

Connect to the workplace – Drug free, after treatment, seeking work experience and recovery support

Cost: None


Informal referrals accepted: Yes

Formal referrals accepted: Yes

Referrals accepted from: Anyone

How to make a referral: By phone, email or by post


What Do We Do?

Centre Overview

Centre Overview

'That all presenting drug and alcohol issues can be individually supported’

To empower people to address their individual drug and alcohol issues, by providing low threshold access services, day stabilisation programmes and targeted training and employment placements for those in recovery, through advocacy and partnership, leading towards the development of both individual and social recovery, in Finglas and Cabra.

Respect and Dignity
Accountability and Transparency
Quality and Improvement

Key Aims & Objectives of Service

Strategic objectives
• To review and amend the current Access programme to provide suitable support services toservice users seeking support from either end of the spectrum of care
• To develop organisational structures and staff skill sets so that all key-working staff are capable of delivering high quality programmes and focused on achieving targeted outcomes.
• To increase the capacity and impact of the Connect programme for service users and employers alike.
• To build excellent interagency links and partnerships so that Sankalpa services feed into and contribute to an integrated continuum of services for people with addiction in Finglas Cabra

Evidence based Practices
Accessible Services
Quality Assurance
Continuum of Care
Quality Standards

Sankalpa therapeutic model
A low intensity evidenced based bio-psychosocial model encompassing structured interventions aimed at stabilizing and/or reducing the harm associated with illicit drug use. The model is informed by; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA), SMART recovery, Adult Education, Creativity (Art, film, movement), Holistic therapies and social activities.

There are clearly defined referral pathways into and out from the service and the service forms part of a wider continuum of care. Best practice interagency protocols, casement management and coordination are part of our practice. The model builds recovery capital among the client group and progresses them towards greater social inclusion and re-integration within the wider community. Outcome indicators include; the Outcome Star, clinical data to verify reduced drug use, attendance and participation and over all progression rates.

Services Provided

Turning Point – a stabilisation service for drug users (non CE programme)

Connect to the Workplace – a Special category CE scheme for people who are drug free and are seeking work placements and recovery support

Access - a one-to-one support programme used to assess clients needs and provide brief interventions.

Drop-in- we provide drop-in services for both active and drug-free clients.

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